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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is an exciting time of exploration and growth. As your child grows, so too will his or her sense of independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence. However, these days, most children entering kindergarten already know their ABCs, basic sounds, shapes, numbers, and colors. With this, many parents often wonder when is the right time to enroll their kids in kindergarten and what skills do their children need to possess to determine their kindergarten readiness. To guide you, here are some common traits of children who do well in kindergarten:

  • Ability to make choices

    Children will be given many opportunities in school to make choices- from choosing which activities they enjoy the most to choosing their playmates. Our preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina provides children the opportunity to develop their ability to solve problems and improve their social skills through play and interaction with other kids.

  • Ability to make connections

    Classroom discussions allow children to relate their learnings from their experiences outside the school. Parents can support the development of making meaningful connections by sharing responsive conversations with their children about their learnings in school. Our child care services in North Carolina believe that a child’s first and most important teachers are their parents, and we aim to support them in successful early learning and development.

  • Ability to self-advocate

    Children who can express their wants and needs clearly and politely tend to transition more easily to school. As a Christian preschool, we emphasize the importance of proper attitude and obedience by providing Christian education to our students. Teaching them the Christian worldview will make them grow into kind and loving individuals.

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