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On Childcare: Partnering with the Right Preschool

On Childcare: Partnering with the Right Preschool

Every parent must learn to understand the needs of his/her child. Getting in touch with your children’s needs and behaviors is very helpful in nurturing your child as they grow. You must keep in mind that every child has unique characteristics which could remain throughout his/her life.
As much as we want to monitor our kids 24/7, this can be difficult, especially for working parents and when children go to school. By partnering with the right preschool, parents will be able to continue monitoring their children’s early learning and development.
Our preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina provides excellent early education and daycare services to families and their children. Our students can form friendships while learning through play where they can freely express their unique personalities and abilities.
We provide Christian education to our students. We desire that our graduates will live a Christ-centered life by being an obedient Christian in all aspects of life. Our qualified teachers and staff will help your children in applying their learnings into their lives through leadership and service.
Our childcare services in North Carolina offers early childhood education through pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes using a family-oriented and creative curriculum. As a Christian preschool, we have Chapel service every Friday where students are given the chance to lead a prayer, sing praises, and perform dramatic presentations of their favorite Bible stories.
Aside from educating them, we also ensure that they are served with nutritious food every day to keep them active and motivated.
At Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool, we believe that a child’s first and most important teachers are their parents. We are excited to enter into a dynamic partnership with parents and support their children’s early learning and development.

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