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Preschool Bullying: Know the Signs

Preschool Bullying: Know the Signs

No parent would want their child to be harmed. There are plenty of child care services in North Carolina that will ensure your child’s security while studying. However, a growing number of bullying cases have been reported in these past years.

Although the kindergarten teacher might be your child’s strongest ally, bullies do not attack when the adults are around. Additionally, parents cannot be around their children all the time. That is why keeping track of the red lights would prevent any injury that could be inflicted soon. What are the signs?

  • “I don’t want to go to school!” While this could be just a random protest, this could also be a warning for school anxiety. Your child may keep on refusing to go to school after always loving it.
  • Your child might complain about being sick like stomachache or toothache before going to school.
  • Your child might not like answering questions about how school was or changing their mood and demeanor while on the topic.
  • Some children may even straight out tell you that someone is hurting them at school or that they don’t like someone at school.
  • Be on the lookout for bruises and scratches. If you notice some physical injuries, immediately contact your child’s teacher and ask for details.

Parents must be cautious in dealing with their children’s behavior. It is easy to choose just any preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina. However, choosing the right preschool for your child is very crucial for their childhood development.

Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool is the best preschool that provides daycare services centered on each of their student’s well-being. Our professional teachers are trained and equipped to make sure each student gets the best attention.

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