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The Benefits of Learning Through Play

The Benefits of Learning Through Play

Young children learn the most during their playtime. Studies have shown that learning through play is an important part of a child’s development. Playtime allows children to explore who they are and expand their minds by simply interacting with their environment. Through play, they can develop different skills that will help them excel as they grow. To emphasize, here are some of the biggest benefits of learning through play:

  • Play improves communication

    When your child plays, either alone or with others, he/she is developing important speech and language skills, as well as listening skills. There’s solitary play, which typically involves children narrating to themselves what’s happening or what they’re currently doing, or group play where they talk and listen to their playmates.

  • Play develops social skills

    When children play, they learn to negotiate, cooperate, and share with others. This skill will help them create friendships. Our daycare services and Christian preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina provides students the opportunity to share and respond appropriately to their feelings and the feelings of others to help them develop their social skills.

  • Play improves cognitive development and creativity

    Imaginative play, such as playing grocery store, house, or doctor, requires children to recall memories, solve problems, and make decisions. Problem-solving is an essential skill, which is taught in our child care services in North Carolina. Kindergarten students are given the opportunity to develop their ability to solve problems for them to become self-reliant as they grow.

There is nothing more important than our children’s education. Their early education is what sets the stage for the rest of their lives. At Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool, we provide Christian education to our students with the aim to uphold biblical, academic, and social excellence through our qualified teachers and staff. Call us today!

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