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Understanding Your Child’s Psychology Better

Understanding Your Child’s Psychology Better

Dr. Brenda Volling, Director and Research Professor of the University of Michigan, revealed that children are directly affected by the amount of time a parent invests in their development. A parent’s lack of awareness about child development can often lead to poor judgment, which in turn leads to poor parenting decisions.

Thus, while in Kindergarten, parents need to educate themselves about the different aspects of child psychology and development to meaningfully contribute to their emotional and mental growth.

Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool, your primary choice of Child Care Services in North Carolina, gives you 3 tips on how to better understand your child’s psychology.

  1. Spend quality time.
    There’s no possible way to understand your children than spending ‘quality time’ with them. This needn’t always mean you talking or doing something together, it can also be just sitting together listening to their thoughts and feelings.
  2. Observation is key.
    Show interest in what they’re doing or saying, with that you get to observe their actions, expressions, and temperament. Keep in mind that your child is unique and may have a personality that stands out; so avoid comparing them with other children, as that not only adds stress to parenting but also makes them feel inferior.
  3. Understand their EQ.
    Children are born with a unique temperament. As a parent, it is your responsibility to understand their Emotional Quotient and do what is needed to help them grow into healthy, emotionally intelligent adults.
  4. Understand how their brain works.
    A child’s wrong experiences can result in imprinting negative responses into his mind, harming his overall development. Understanding how his brain works will help you transform those negative experiences into opportunities for growth.

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