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When Your Child Lies: What You Should Know

When Your Child Lies: What You Should Know

Your son is playing in the other room. Suddenly, something crashed. You rushed into the room and found a broken vase next to your child. The guilty look on your baby’s face tells you everything but he said, “No, Mommy. I didn’t break it!” 

This isn’t the first time you caught him lying. In fact, his teacher from Daycare Services caught him lying as well. Should you be worried? 

  • What You Should Know.

    Some lies are malicious and are told to harm other people. Other lies are told under pressure, perhaps to avoid punishment or embarrassment. Whichever the case, ALL LYING IS WRONG. If your child lies, you should consider his age and his reason for lying. Child Care Services in North Carolina help little kids learn how to handle pressure among peers to avoid lying. But at home, how can you help your child?

  • What You Can Do.

    Start by discerning why your child lies. Maybe your child just fears being punished or disappointing you. If you know the reason behind the behavior, you will be able to correct your child better.

    At times, stating the fact would be better than asking questions. By avoiding asking accusatory questions, your child won’t be tempted to lie. Hence, building a pattern of honesty. If he’s being honest, praise him for it. You can also set a fine example for your child to learn. Find a Preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina that promotes a good conduct curriculum for your child to build his honesty.

Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool offers Christian Education for toddlers to introduce behaviors using Bible principles that they can use later in their life. Remember, childhood is the best time to address your child’s behavioral problem.

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