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Preschool Bullying: How Your Child Can Handle It

Preschool Bullying: How Your Child Can Handle It

If you think all 3 or 4-year-olds are angel, I’d hate to burst your bubble. Kids don’t have the cognitive ability to feel and show empathy at the age of 3. Even in a Christian preschool, kids may not have any idea that they are being mean to others.

As a parent, you can teach your child how to show empathy and kindness to others. However, you might not have any control as to how the other kids would behave with your child. Choosing the right child care services in North Carolina would be a helpful step but you still have the foremost responsible for your child’s well-being. Here’s how you can help them protect themselves:

  • Ignore

    Teach your child to walk away when they are being teased verbally. Most bullies are attention-seekers. They’d eventually stop if they’re not getting the attention they want.

  • Be brave

    When bullying happens, advise your child to be brave and stand up for themselves. A loud “Stop!” or “Leave me alone!” can make a difference.

  • Tell the teachers

    If the bullying gets worse and the bully is hitting or physically hurting your child, have her tell the teacher right away.

Make it a goal to build your child’s confidence. Teach them how to deal with people who are not nice. Many schools would offer Christian education that promotes good values. But the social development of a child starts at home.

If you are looking for a preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina that provides quality education and welfare to your child, Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool is the right place for you. We will make sure your child is in a safe environment for learning.

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