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A preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina that is committed to leaving an imprint to your child’s academic and Christian life.

Dear Parents and Partners,

Thank you for taking the time to see, feel, and experience the many opportunities for growth in the lives of our youth that are available at URCA. It is our desire that every student leaves URCA Christ Centered and living his or her life through the scope of a Biblical worldview.

A worldview is “a view of the world, used for living in the world” so in daily living it should be the dominant influence shaping your decisions and actions. Douglas Wilson emphasizes the importance of developing a Christian worldview that is truly in the heart and mind (not just on the tongue) and is converted into action: “Having a Christian worldview means living like an obedient Christian in all aspects of life.” Each day, the Lord touches hearts, enlightens minds and strengthens the bodies of the students and staff at URCA.

Here, we have teachers who help students know what they believe and why they believe it, and give them opportunities to integrate that knowledge into their lives through leadership, service and the application of what they are learning. It is our prayer and desire that when students graduate from URCA they will become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and will know and value truth according God’s Holy Word.

At the Upper Room Christian Academy we seek to challenge every student through a rigorous biblically integrated curriculum that not only transforms the mind but the body and soul. We are determined to mold, shape and groom the futures of ALL students that are willing to accept the challenge.

Our website is your first visit. You have an open invitation to come by to see our mission in action! I urge you to call us to schedule a tour and to start the application process.


Crystal Amanchukwu
Administrative Director