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Teach Your Children—Dealing with Failures

Teach Your Children—Dealing with Failures

Failure is a part of life, and in time, your children will face some type of setback. Children, too, stumble may times. How can you help them recover when they face failures?

What You Should Know?
It is vital to help your kids understand that we all fail sometimes. But failures can have a positive side. Setbacks provide opportunities for your children to develop resilience. Many children, even after kindergarten, deal poorly with failures because their parents shield them from any accountability.

How, then, can you teach your children to be responsible and bounce back from failures? Consider these three reminders:

  • Consequences.
    Teach them that their actions have outcomes. Avoid making excuses for your kids. And avoid shifting the blame as well. They should be able to see the connection between their mistakes and their consequences.
  • Solutions.
    Painful, true, but failure is not the end of the world. Help them focus on finding solutions instead of getting distracted by the seeming unfairness of circumstances. For example, if your little girl in preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina argued with a friend, help her take the initiative to make amends, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Modesty.
    Teach your children to be realistic. Telling them that they are “the best” at something is neither realistic nor helpful. Kids who have a modest view of themselves are actually better at coping with failures and setbacks as they grow older. Christian education will help teach kids of the Bible’s view about the importance of endurance and resilience.

Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool provides quality education based on the Bible’s principles. Our child care services in North Carolina aims to develop your children’s belief in a fun way.

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