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Teach Your Children—Discipline That Works

Teach Your Children—Discipline That Works

Parenting is indeed hard work. Most parents are busy enough in earning for the family that they set disciplining their children aside. But why is discipline important? There are two main reasons:

  1. Without discipline, children will continue to be unruly, which will exhaust the parents; and
  2. Without discipline, parents will tend to give inconsistent direction, which will also confuse the children.

Although daycare services may teach children good traits and behaviors, it is still the parents’ responsibility to discipline. Here are three evidence-based ways to make discipline work:

  • Loving.
    Effective discipline should be founded with love, not anger. Your children will try your patience to the extent of you giving up on their demands. However, punishments motivated with anger are usually excessive, oppressive, and may result in loss of self-control. When facing a difficult situation, delay discipline until you are calm.
  • Reasonable.
    Reasonable parents should also understand that children are not miniature adults. Normally, they think, speak, and act their age, just as how they’re supposed to. Be realistic in your expectations but, at the same time, do not condone wrongdoings. Take time to observe your children’s behavior while they’re in a preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina to better understand their abilities and limitations.
  • Consistent.
    Children need the certainty of consistent discipline. Avoid changing your standards based on your mood or your children will get confused and frustrated. If you’ve warned your children that misbehavior will result in a certain form of discipline, be sure to follow through. You can work with your child care services in North Carolina in carrying out discipline if necessary.

Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool strives to work with parents in inculcating exemplary behaviors to children through Christian education and fun activities.

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