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Teaching Toddlers to Progressively Read

Teaching Toddlers to Progressively Read

The mind of a newborn child can be compared to an empty page. But rather than a single page, it is like a whole library capable of an enormous capacity for learning. A baby’s mind is even capable of grasping the concept of language—the most difficult intellectual accomplishment.

Parents, as well as Child Care Services in North Carolina, should be able to recognize children’s natural hunger to learn. Babies are very attentive, all eyes and ears. These little ones are always busy taking in information, filing it away, adding to it, and drawing conclusions.

Learning should be progressive. Children who are well-acquainted with reading have a better response in taking in new information. A Preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina can be very helpful in keeping children engaged. How can parents introduce reading at an early age?

  • Take time to read to your child. Make it a habit.
  • During infancy, tuck them in and read in a pleasant voice. Let them feel the joy and security while reading, regardless of how little they comprehend.
  • Later, you can teach them the alphabet. Incorporate it into their games.
  • Then teach them words. Point to the word as you read them and pause. Give them time to be familiar with how the letters are put together.
  • Finally, form the words into sentences. Make the process of learning as joyful as possible.

Talking to them more often can also help them immerse themselves in learning new words. In addition to Kindergarten, kids should be well-engaged to read at home. But it is always wise to start teaching them as early as infancy.

Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool is committed to providing Christian Education to toddlers through play and Bible principles.

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