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Time Management Skills to Help Kids Build Good Study Habits

Time Management Skills to Help Kids Build Good Study Habits

Kids need to learn how to learn on their own. With this attitude, they can develop whatever skill they need to excel in their chosen fields. Even as early as during their preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina, it’s best to teach them how to manage time. This is essential in cultivating their study habits. You can get started in this goal with the following tips:

  • Have a picture-based calendar, schedule, and to-do list.

    Kids are visual by nature. So to catch their attention, consider presenting your schedule and to-do list with pictures. Draw a clock. Divide their day with visual cues, such as an apple for snack break, crayons for drawing time, book for reading time, and bed for nap time. Doing this gives children a comforting and positive sense of predictability and order.

  • Designate an area for study and play.

    The environment plays a significant role in the kids’ focus. Set aside a room where they can study. Have space-efficient bookshelves and a study table. Hang some colorful artworks and informative materials on the wall. Control the noise. Have a variety of books, such as Christian education, sciences, math, and arts. And make sure to keep their toys and other play materials in another room.

  • Set time limits on tasks.

    Most kids have a short attention span. They easily get distracted with toys and play. To help them focus, set time limits on their tasks. And schedule their play at strategic times of the day. Once they know that they’ll have a delicious snack or playtime every 20 minutes, they’d be more eager to study. You can also avail of child care services in North Carolina for your kids to enjoy an accredited study and time plan.

Cultivating your kids’ study habits is a must for them to become lifelong learners. If you need professional help for this goal, you can count on Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool for world-class daycare services that also focuses on Christian character formation.

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