10 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix

Netflix is flooded with stunning movies, and picking one to watch is difficult. 
We bring to you the 10 best movies that will definitely leave an impression on you. 

1.The Irishman

This fictionalized true story revolves around the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, which is still an unsolved mystery. 

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street:

A girl has to stay awake at any cost to stay alive after a clawed killer kills her friends in her dreams one by one. 

3. The Florida Project:

This movie brings the contrast between the expectation and realities of the American Dream when a six-year-old spends her summer stealing from tourists. 

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4. It Follows: 

5. The Disciple:

An aspiring Indian vocalist begins to question his life after devoting his life to classical Indian music. 

6. Raw:

A stringent vegetarian begins to discover her true self when she enters a whole different world during her first year in veterinary school. 

7. Ip Man:

This 2008 Hong Kong biographical film that narrates the extraordinary life of Ip Man, the teacher of  Bruce Lee. 

8. The Last Daughter:

A psychological drama that tells the story of a college professor who confronts her unsettling past on a vacation to Italy. 

9. Blame!

This sci-fi movie takes you to a future world of cyber technology and automated cities. 

10. Tangerine:

This 2015 movie tells the story of a sex worker who is on a mission to teach her boyfriend a lesson, after he cheated on her while she was jail.