Sacramento Shooting Rampage; 6 Dead and 10 Hospitalized

At least six people have died and 10 have been hospitalized in a shooting rampage. 

The carnage took place in downtown Sacramento at around 2 a.m. on Sunday. 

The police nearby heard the gunfire and arrived at the scene soon. 

No arrest has been made yet, and police have no suspect. 

The Police Chief, Lathy Lester, talked to the press and urged the public for assistance. 

She asked people to share any testimony, video, or any other evidence with the police.

“Words can’t express my shock and sadness this morning,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg tweeted. 

In a video posted online, people can be seen running amidst the sound of gunfire. 

Last month, the town witnessed yet another heinous act of gun violence.

The Mayor informed that gun violence is a top priority for the new Police Chief, Lester.