The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention loosened up mask protocols after COVID-19 cases went down.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky said that wearing a mask is no longer mandatory in low-risk areas.

However, masking up is still supervised in high-risk zones, and people of medium risk zones should consider wearing them.

The agency divides US counties into “low, medium or high” risk ranking and advises on mask directions accordingly.

23 percent of US counties are currently deemed low risk, 39 percent are deemed medium and 37 percent are deemed high.

CDC will consider the risk of the virus, based largely on the number of serious cases and hospital entries.

It will look at three major things: recent hospitalizations, beds occupied by COVID-19 patients, and new covid cases.

But Mayor Eric Adams said the city is not yet ready to lift indoor mask mandates in schools.

Adams said that we should not take decisions on anticipation but consider science as cases may heighten.

Eventually, the CDC’s plans are only data-driven recommendations and mask mandates are officially made by local elected officials.