Cristiano Ronaldo’s newborn son died

The newborn son of Portugal’s star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has died, information given on Twitter.

This is the biggest sorrow for any parent. And too hard to handle it.

Cristiano Ronaldo gave this information on his social media by Twitter on 18 April.  Everyone’s eyes were moist after reading this saddest note.

This has been announced by making a joint statement by Ronaldo and his wife Georgina.

 Star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s newborn baby has passed away.  Ronaldo’s wife was pregnant with twins, the son died during delivery.

 Partner Georgina has given birth to a daughter. But its so hard for any parents to loss his son.

Ronaldo on his Twitter “ we are completely disappointed by this incident and appeal to everyone to take care of privacy.  Our son was our angel, we will love him forever.”

Only the birth of newborn daughter gives them the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness.

Cristiano and Georgina announced in October that they are going to be parents to twins.

 The son has died and the daughter is safe at the same time of delivery of these two children