Next expansion is Dragonflight in World of Warcraft 

Dragonflight is bringing back to the dragons. World of Warcraft developers announced that Dragonflight, WoW’s 9th expansion in 18 years, In a livestream .

Dragonflight’s World of Warcraft next expansion today revealed by Blizzard .But there’s not a release date now.

WoW launched back in 2004, but its expansions and updates have kept the MMO alive.

 In this expension Dragonflight will ride dragons to the players and explore the lost Dragon Isles .

 World of Warcraft has faced many criticism issues in recent years. So now it will release that new feature for more interesting

 Fans was upset With the Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, because of overcomplicated-yet-unbalanced systems and half-baked stories.

In this expension adding a new playable race and class. In which Dracthyr is a new draconic race with a humanoid form.

Dragonflight want to take the players back to a more high fantasy setting. Also it’s revamping the MMO’s crafting systems and user interface.

It’s new feature gives to players a new way to fly with that Dragon riding on a customizable companion.

So players will get now new dungeons and raids. And Level 70 will be the new cap.