CEO of Tesla motors offers to buy Twitter

Elon Musk is eminent for his Tesla, SpaceX, chucklesome tweets.

Currently, Musk is Twitter's biggest shareholder with a 9.1% stake.

 He offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion as it is required to be private to reflect effective changes.

 He has written a letter to the Twitter CEO that he invested as he believes in its potential and free speech is a societal vital for an operative society.

He has also faced indictment and inquisition due to his tweets.

Twitter Board of directors confirmed that they will review Musk's proposal carefully.

Securities and Exchange Commission officials have levied fraud charges on him over tweets of the year 2018.

 He claimed that he would unlock its marvellous potential.

If his offer is denied then he would lose confidence in Twitter management and would reconsider his share.

Saudi Prince denied selling his shares (owned 5.2%) upon hearing the proposal of Musk.