Fortnight chapter 3, season four, has launched all-new weapons and items. 

Avtar Singh Cheema

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For welcoming heaven to the island, Fortnite chapter 3, season four has created exciting vibes.

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Fortnite season 4 map has all new weapons and power, which will possess the chrome's power and help the player in the battle. 

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It is the Addition to the new POIS on the game, which will help the player to eliminate the danger during the game. 

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With the inclusion of the Chrome feature, the latest update seems to focus on upgrading the. 

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In this feature, The Chrome will turn the buildings, biomes, and the player into chromatic objects, combat items, and Fighting weapons. 

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The chrome's splash feature will help you morph the walls, and it is easy to penetrate them, and you will get the drop on all.

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The D launcher weapon you will find in the skies with she will help you 2 across the island and used to access hard-to-reach locations. 

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Epic Games have placed Vault Keys throughout the map, and should they find one, this will unclose Vaults marked by a keyhole icon on the isle. 

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Low-Security Vaults need one Key, while High-Security Vaults require two to extend and loot for rewards.

This portable bunker reaches with "strengthened metal walls, an adaptable ramp, doors, and defensive tires," perfect when deflecting opponents, and no configuration is needed.

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