How long do laptops last: Toshiba, Dell, Asus

How long your laptop lasts before it becomes obsolete is determined by a variety of factors.

 Computer hardware is the first factor you should pay attention.

In which including RAM, Battery, CPU, CPU, Motherboard etc.

If your laptop is equipped with high-quality hardware, it lasts longer than a low-quality one.

 On the other hand, ‘how long the laptop lasts’ is determined by how you deal with the machine.

 Although, any laptop’s lifespan depends largely on that how much you spend on the machine.

When your laptop is expensive, then it will be longer lasts.

The laptop which is less than $600 or 700, then can be long for 2-4 years.

The laptop which is between $700 to $1000, then the lifespan is 3-5 years.

If the laptop price is over $1000 can last 4-7 years.