Johnny Depp and her Ex-wife Heard’s “untrue” accusations 

Actor Johnny Depp wasted no more time after Heard’s “untrue” accusations in court on Tuesday, take stand for himself.

Actor Johnny Depp was reached at Virginia court to testify in himself defamation case against his ex-wife Heard.

Johnny is suing the Heard for more than $50 million, for harming his career and reputation.

 Heard has filed a countersuit against Johnny and seeking $100 million.

 And Actor Johnny legal team saying that its falsely accused of her fabricating claims .

 Depp saying that he never reach the point of striking her ex–wife and nor have he ever struck any woman in his life.

Johnny Depp told to the jurors that he felt compelled to sue his ex-wife Amber Heard because she accused to him for domestic violence.

But when Amber Heard wrote a 2018 op-ed piece in The Washington Post about domestic violence, this lawsuit is to be over.

Actor Johnny Depp on this false accuse said “Nothing of the kind ever happened,”

She wrote, “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Here’s nothing about Depp name.