Kourtney Kardashian slams at the fan when asked about her Pregnancy 

Avtar Singh Cheema

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This weekend she was praised for "keeping it real" as she shared a reel of snaps in lingerie. 

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Kourtney Kardashian hit a fan asking whether she was pregnant with Travis Barker’s baby or not. 

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On Sunday, she shared a post on Instagram, however, in one of the pictures, she was seen holding her belly, further accelerating pregnancy speculations. 

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Many of her followers on social media took to the comment section to guess that is Kourtney pregnant again.

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The newlyweds tried to conceive but Kourtney lately disclosed in an interview that she is not going through with the process. 

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She told, me I took a break to focus on my wedding and getting married everything else is secondary to me.

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The couple has confirmed their tries to grow their brood in the first season of The Kardashians.

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Two years back, she closed down the claims she was with child, she had just gained “a few extra pounds" that time. 

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The previous year, a fan wondered again whether she was expecting after she shared a picture of herself with Barker in a hot tub. 


Her blunt responses aren't the first time she chose not to overlook comments made about her physique. 

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