Proper nutrition will help you in fighting fatigue 

Avtar Singh Cheema

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You can experience fatigue anytime, anytime, anywhere. This usually happens when you are in heavy physical activity or have a demanding work day. 

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You can reduce this heaviness in your body by taking a nap in the afternoon or getting a full sleep at night. 

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We need to maintain a balanced diet to fight the fundamental metabolic process that will enable the core cellular function.

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The involvement of adequate nutrition and a balanced diet in our daily life will help us develop energy-producing metabolism, oxygen transport cerebral function, etc., as this is crucial for our brain and muscle function. 

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Adding protein to your diet will help you build your endurance and stamina as it will help repair your muscles and reduce the risk of muscle loss. 

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Keep yourself hydrated with flavourless liquid like water. This will improve your energy level, and it does not have any calories. 

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A dehydrated body experiences more fatigue and tiredness, alter a person's mood and energy level and reduces the ability to think correctly. 

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You can also cut down your caffeine in your daily routine, as the caffeine intake in the morning can make your day very tired and push you towards fatigue. 

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A glass of alcohol can make your energy level half empty in your body. This will dehydrate your body and can be a disturbing element in your sleeping and eating habits.

Intake of junk in your eating routine and having a disproportional balanced diet in your daily life make your body unhealthy and make your body weak from the inside. 

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