Rams Aaron Donald and The Rock together hit the Gym 

Avtar Singh Cheema

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The defensive tackle Aaron Donald is a well-known NFL star and a successful entrepreneur. 

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The Rock has more side businesses than two hands can count. 

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The pair entered the weight room, where Donald disclosed how much he was lifting before the Rams triumphed over the Super Bowl. 

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Recently, The Rock shouted out Donald as his "brother in the grind" when they were working out together.

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The Rock also relishes Donald's "work ethic and viewpoint." 

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His perspective is what puts the 285-pound Donald on the Rams roster but also in kids' hearts as an inspiration. 

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He is a genuine presence at his summer football camp, not merely a name on the banner. 

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The team shared a behind-the-scenes video on social media. 

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Donald let him put on his Super Bowl ring, which kept The Rock smiling from ear to ear.


The gym session finished with Donald giving Johnson a signed jersey and the movie star giving Donald a shirt embellished with the title of his upcoming Film. 

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