The series of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Is premiere

 Star Trek are all here from the jump that is you know and love about it.

The intro where a Starfleet vessel wends its way through space and its famous mission statement and familiar musical sting.

The crew scrambling without enough time to prepare and flagship blasting off earlier than planned.

 some alien world are trapped by senior officer and intellectual boardroom debate.

 With the crisis of the week, the personal issue that just so happens to dovetail thematically.

 For an “rescue and infiltrate” mission, that chance of disguise an away team.

The grand speech “Damn the rules, I’m doing what’s right!”,

Persuades a skeptical people to see the bigger picture.

Followed by a renewed determination to keep exploring, with the voiceover that sums it all up.

It Shows like The Original Series and The Next Generation weren’t procedurals exactly.