Film ‘The Bad Guys’ Review: Talking Animals Meet 1970s Caper

This movie is  based on a series of children’s books, which is a new DreamWorks cartoon movie.

 In Amusing Animated Comedy, Talking Animals Meet 1970s Caper.

This animated heist The Bad Guys movie is stealing from all the right places.

The movie of ‘The Bad Guys’ debuts on April 2022 In theaters.

And The bad guys movie seems to follow a similarly noisy pattern.

The movie starts with the scene derived from Pulp Fiction or something out of Steven Soderbergh, leading a raucous car.

Yet this is a heist movie, director Pierre Perifel knows it’s the details that matter.

It start with the scene of Mr. Wolf and his best friend Mr. Snake chat in a diner.

They talk about Mr. Snake’s birthdays that why guinea pigs taste so good.

 As the B-squad of contemporary American animation, The Bad Guys may well shore up DreamWorks’ status.