In 2 season of ‘The Flight Attendant’ Kaley Cuoco as Cassie 

This show ‘The Flight Attendant’ is based on the book of Chris Bohjalian, dropped on HBO Max in 2020.

The review contains spoilers for the 1st season of  ‘The Flight Attendant’.

Now you think that where you can watch ‘The Flight Attendant’ season 2, Right?

So you can watch this season 2 premieres on HBO Max on April 21 and every Thursday new episodes drop.

In this season we find Cassie a changed woman. and Cassie dating a hot guy named Marco.

Now she has a second job but still, she working as a CIA asset.

In this season we find many places in Cuoco playing several different versions of Cassie.

In the season Rosie Perez is back as Megan who is already deeply in trouble herself.

With little certainty as to how long they might run now, it's very common for series to launch

The Flight Attendant season, anchored by Cuoco’s outstanding work, manages with feat gracefully.