Acute thunderstorm alert in Shelby county

 The weather forecasting warned the residents about tornadoes, penny-sized hail, and wind gusts up to 60 mph.

Due to execrable weather, all schools got called off their after school activities.

The Memphis area and surrounding counties were under tornado and thunderstorm alert.

According to the agency, High waters were reported in a few areas like the Polar Avenue overpass and a tree fell down on Poplar Pike in German Town.

A car got jammed in water under a bridge near Evelyn Avenue.

Around 6,721 customers got affected due to 85 blackouts as reported by Memphis Light, Gas, and Water.

The tornado warning had come to an end but still, a few areas were under thunderstorm warning.

 As of now, there was no damage reported in those areas.

Three vehicles were stranded due to flooding as reported by the news agency.

The awful thunderstorm warning in various parts of Shelby and DeSoto counties had come to an end but still, the rain continued after 7 p.m.