What is Aphasia? 

The Condition Behind Bruce Willis’ Retirement

The Emmy-winning actor, Bruce Willis, has stepped away from acting at the age of 67.

His daughter, Rumer Willis, announced the news of his retirement on Wednesday. 

She informed that he has been “diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities.” 

What led to his retirement is a neurological condition, known as aphasia.

The Mayo Clinic defines aphasia as a cognitive condition that impacts a person's ability to communicate. 

It occurs when areas of the brain dealing with language are damaged. 

The major causes include, strokes, brain tumours, or a degenerative process like Alzheimer’s.

Affecting around 2 million people in the U. S., the condition mostly impacts older people. 

If the symptoms remain for around two or three months after a stroke, complete recovery becomes unlikely. 

However, speech and language therapy can help restore the communicative skills.