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Why Play and Have Toys?

Why Play and Have Toys?

Carefree play is a natural activity essential for every young child’s developing intellectual, emotional, and social skills. If play is work, then toys are the tools that help children do their work well. Parents can introduce unstructured play using very simple toys that are as intriguing as high-tech toys that Daycare Services can offer.

Of course, the principal reason why toys are so attractive is that they are fun to play with. Still, their advantages to a child’s development are noteworthy. Think of the following examples:

  • Physical Development.
    When a toddler pushes a toy car, he strengthens his motor skills. When he juggles, he improves his coordination. When he rides a bicycle or walks on a tightrope, he learns balance. And when he paints pictures, he learns to control the movements of his hands in a precise way.
  • Mental Development.
    When Child Care Services in North Carolina include singing and rhyming in play, his language skills can be developed. His thinking and creative skills are also stimulated when he builds a block structure, matches the pieces in a puzzle, acts out stories, follows the directions to a game, or plays with dress-up clothes.
  • Social Development.
    Play helps children learn how to interact with others, thus building their social skills. When Preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina lets children play with their peers, they gain understanding about others, learn a system of a social system, and may become more empathetic.

Immersing a child in a loving and safe environment while playing could greatly influence their overall development. Christian Education in Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool is an excellent way to teach children useful Bible principles that would help them develop leadership, service, and more.

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